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Shawbury Parish Council

Shropshire, UK

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Programme of Meetings



The Parish Council meets in Shawbury Village Hall at 7.00pm on the second Tuesday of every month.

Prior to the start of each meeting there is a ten minute period, when members of the public can raise questions about items on the agenda or bring to the attention of Members any concerns about issues within the Parish.

Members of the public wishing to raise Items for inclusion on an agenda must forward them to the Clerk in writing at least ten days prior to the date of the meeting.

Members of the public and the press are welcome to attend Council Meetings.


APRIL Review of previous year’s expenditure and comparison with the budget.
MAY   Annual General Meeting
  Election of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Council Representatives
  Presentation and review of annual accounts and comparison with the Planned budget
 JUNE Receipt, review and approval of the Internal Audit, accounts and declarations for external audit
SEPTEMBER Mid-year review of expenditure
OCTOBER Review of External Audit report.
NOVEMBER Identification of capital expenditure bids for inclusion in the budget proposals.
DECEMBER Budget and precept setting for the following year.
FEBRUARY Allotment of grants
MARCH Payment of grants
ANNUAL PARISH MEETING Under statute, the Council has to hold an Annual Parish Meeting, which is an open meeting and gives an opportunity for the Council to report on the previous year’s business and allows members of the public to raise items for discussion
  The meeting is chaired by the Chairman of the Parish Council.
  The meeting is held on the last Wednesday in May



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