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Shawbury Parish Council

Shropshire, UK

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Parish Clerk:  Jack Wilson
6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury, SY3 7TP
01743 236810
Vacancy for a Gardener
Required from April 1st. 2017, a qualified and competent self- employed gardener 
to carry out regular hand mowing of children’s play areas; pruning of shrubs at various locations and hedge cutting duties.
Must hold a pesticide users licence.
References required.
Anyone interested is invited to contact the Parish Clerk for full details of what is involved.
Parish Clerk:  Jack Wilson
6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury, SY3 7TP
01743 236810



On Tuesday May 10th. two Shawbury Council meetings were held in the Village Hall.  

The first was the Annual Parish Meeting which was open to all residents, giving an opportunity to meet with Councillors to discuss Parish issues or raise concerns.  The meeting included interesting and informative reports from the Parish Council Chairman John Kennedy, Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones and Mr. Richard Bailey from the United Charities.

This meeting was followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Council when Councillor Brian Lyon was elected as the new Council Chairman replacing Councillor John Kennedy who was warmly thanked by all the Members for the valued service he had given throughout the past two years which had been a very difficult time.  Councillor Adrian Brown was then elected as the new Vice Chairman.

As usual a wide range of topics were considered including:

It was noted that E.ON had converted most of the Councils streetlights so that they automatically switched off at midnight, bringing them into line with the lights managed by Shropshire Council and saving considerable energy costs. E.ON had reported that things were beginning to return to some form of normality and they were intent on getting the work in Bridgeway and Millbrook Drive completed. They had provided a quotation for undertaking work to provide an improved service in Church Street and Members confirmed they were prepared to accept the quote as soon as the other outstanding work had been completed. 
The Council were still having difficulties with Scottish Power who supply the electricity and seem reluctant to enter into discussions with the Council about the very high increase in power costs.


Concerns were raised about the lack of action by Shropshire Council in dealing with the roundabout design at the A53/Oakwood Park location and advertising the new traffic order related to speed limit changes on the A53.

Playing Field Fencing:

It was reported that several more posts were rotting away but this had been anticipated and budgeted for and Councillor P. Sharp agreed to arrange replacements on the same basis as was carried out last year.

Burial Ground:

Councillor K. Pickering reported that he had been spending time working in the area and had identified the need for some extensive work to be carried out on two pathways, which would incur some cost. He indicated that he was prepared to do the work voluntarily but was asked to provide an estimate of the cost of the materials. He was thanked for the work that he was doing.

Planning Applications:

Three new applications were considered and Members supported the revised plans for the development of the proposed sports complex but objected strongly to an application to place advertising signs on the A53 Roundabout and for amendments to the approved plans for land adjacent to 122 Church Street.

The minutes of the meeting which include other items discussed at the meeting can be found on the Council web site –

After a reasonably quiet period we have been faced with an outbreak of vandalism in the Moat and Glebe areas with damage to picnic tables and seats, the contents of bins removed and scattered over a wide area and items being thrown into the river. Members are not sure if this is the action of one individual or a group activity but would appreciate any information that we can pass on to the police. If you see any incidents please report them to the police on 101.
Dog Fouling:
Allied to the above there appears to be a number of people who continue to let their dogs foul the playing field and the surrounding areas which is a punishable offence. We have asked the dog warden to spend some time in the area and hopefully he will catch and fine some of those who are completely irresponsible.
Speeding Traffic:
As reported in earlier news items, speeding traffic is the most common complaint received from local people and over the past few years considerable amounts of your money has been spent on measures designed to curb vehicle speed. However in spite of a good deal of publicity not one person, other than Councillors, has volunteered to become a member of a Community Speed Watch Scheme which means there are insufficient people for the scheme to go ahead.
Annual Parish Meeting;


This meeting which is open to all residents and gives an opportunity to meet with Councillors and participate in discussions is being held in the Village Hall on Tuesday May 10th. starting at 7.00pm. Included on the agenda will be reports from the Council Chairman, The Police, Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones and Mr. Richard Bailey representing The United Charities.


The March meeting was held in the Village Hall when as usual a varied programme of business was conducted including:


The main item for consideration was the confirmation from Scottish Power that they were increasing the cost of providing power for the streetlights from 12p to 47p per kWh, which means that the annual account would rise from £2,600.00 to £10,200.00, and have a major effect on the Council’s budget.   

A number of suggestions were considered on ways of reducing the cost but it was finally decided that the most appropriate action was to bring the provision into line with Shropshire Council and many other Parish Councils by operating a dusk to midnight service rather than an all-night one. The cost of converting the lights had been quoted at £3,603.00 but it was anticipated that the annual savings on power would mean this would be paid for in less than twelve months and then give on-going savings. There was a unanimous decision to go ahead with this and to get the conversion of the lights carried out as soon as possible. It was pointed out that the estates in the Parish which are controlled by Shropshire Council are already on the dusk to midnight system.

Community Service Awards

Each year the Council presents awards to residents who have given exceptional service to the Community and in the twelve years it has been running over fifty people have been honoured with the award. A resident in the Parish can nominate anyone who lives or works in the Parish simply by sending details of the person to the Parish Clerk, with the reason they are being nominated. This needs to be done before the next Council meeting on April 12th. when Members consider and confirm the nominations. We are pleased to acknowledge the support RAF Shawbury continues to give by sponsoring the awards and arranging for a Senior Officer to present them at the Annual Parish Meeting in May.

RAF Shawbury Nomination.

The Council has always been pleased to have a nominated representative from the RAF Shawbury at Council meetings which allows for the exchange of valuable information and this month Members were delighted to welcome F.S. Matt Lingham as the new representative. Matt has been stationed at Shawbury for four years and hopes to be here for at least four more and welcomed the opportunity to become involved with Parish Council activities.


Each year the Council sets aside a small budget to allow it to give small grants to deserving Charities or causes. This year £150.00 has been donated to each of the following - Hope House Hospice; The Severn Hospice; Crane Counselling and the Local First Responders.

Web Site:

You are reminded that full minutes of the meeting and a range of other information can be found on the Council’s web site and that issues or concerns can be raised with the Clerk by email on shawburypcclerk@talktalk.netor by ‘phone on 01743 236810


Council Meeting:

The latest meeting was held on February 8th. when as usual a range of topics were considered including:


There were a number of reports relating to potholes and broken signs but Members were particularly concerned about the two incidents which had taken place on the crossing by the shops, when cars had failed to stop when the red light was on. It has been suggested that the crossing should be relocated but this appears to be the most appropriate position and is was agreed that Shropshire Council should be asked to re-paint all the warning white lines and consider the erection of a warning sign. The Council is still pushing Shropshire Council to make improvements to the roundabout on the A53, which has proven to be not fit for purpose.


(a)Bridgeway and Millbrook;

In spite of continuous pressure, Eon have still not been able to complete the work and it appears that they are still suffering from staff shortages and the ability to purchase equipment. We can only apologise and hope that the removal of Covid restrictions will enable them to catch up on outstanding work.

(b) Church Street and part of Poynton Road:

Members considered a detailed report prepared by Councillor Adrian Brown which highlighted the need to improve the lighting in this area of the Village. It was decided that a meeting needed to be held with the contractors to discuss the feasibility of the improvements before seeking a quotation for the work.

(c) Electricity Charges:

It seems likely that there will be a substantial increase in the cost of electricity and a detailed survey is being undertaken to try and limit the impact on the Council’s budget.

Litter Collection:

The Council is pleased to announce that Mr. Varndell has been contracted to collect waste from The Playing Field, the car park and the Moat and Glebe areas.

It would help him and all the users of these open space areas if irresponsible dog owners took the trouble to pick up the waste that their dogs leave by using the bags and the bins that are now provided. If they can’t be bothered then it is questionable as to whether they should own a dog

Play Area:

In the latest safety report it was noted that bolts on some equipment had been loosened and this can leave the equipment in a dangerous state. This has happened in the past and it is thought to be an act of vandalism and we would ask you all to keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously.

Shropshire Council News:

Shropshire Councillor S. Jones was unable to attend the meeting but had forwarded a detailed written report of Shropshire Council’s activities and this was distributed to Members.

The report covered a range of topics including Economic Development; Children’s Services; Resources and Staffing; Climate Change and Adult Services.  A copy of the report can be obtained from the Clerk

RAF Representative:


Lt. Peters had notified Members that he was unable to attend the meeting as he had been posted and would be leaving Shawbury towards the end of the month. He thanked everyone for their kindness and support and wished the Council future good fortune. The new representative would be FS Matt Lingham and he would be attending the March meeting.



Having needed to cancel the December meeting of the Council because of unclear Covid regulations, Members were pleased to be able to hold the January meeting in the Village Hall.

Before the official business began, tributes were paid to two long standing parishioners who had been closely involved in Council and Community work but had recently passed away. Gail Matthews had served on the Council for several years and played a major role working the with local young people whilst Trevor Creber, had for the past fifteen years, undertaken the unenviable task of collecting litter from the playing field and other areas and regularly emptying the waste bins. Both will be sorely missed.

The business discussed in the full meeting included:

The Budget for 2022- 2023

The budget prepared by the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman had been sent to Members for consideration prior to the meeting and after due consideration was approved. The Council’s precept was frozen at last year’s level which means there will be no increase in the Parish element of next year’s Council Tax.

Full details of the budget can be found on the Council’s web site or obtained by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Lord Lieutenant’s Garden Party:

Members unanimously agreed that Jenni Jarvis should be the Parish recipient of an invite to attend the planned Garden Party being held in the summer to acknowledge activities carried out to support residents before and throughout the pandemic.

Community Speed Watch:

Are you concerned about the excessive speed of many vehicles on local roads? If so, this is your opportunity to take positive action as the Council is looking for committed volunteers to join a Community Speed Watch team. Team members are trained to carry out checks on vehicle speed and record the registration number of those exceeding the speed limit. These details are passed to the police and the owner of the vehicle is sent a warning letter. If you would like to be involved simply get in touch with the Clerk who will be happy to give you further information.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee:

It was decided that the Council would not undertake special events for the Queen’s forthcoming Platinum Jubilee but would be prepared to offer support to official organisations in the Parish which may wish to arrange activities.

Pavement Clearance:

It was noted that Mr. John Tait had carried out excellent work in clearing several major pavements in the Parish with many residents making complimentary comments about the quality of the work. This project is part funded by Shropshire Council, who make a grant of £1,500 to the Parish which then has to match fund another £1,500.


Since the previous meeting of the Council over fifty items had been received by the Clerk on all manner of topics and these had been forwarded to Members for consideration and response.


Reports were received from Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones and Lt. Matt Peters from RAF Shawbury details of which can be found in the minutes of the meeting which are published on the Council’s web site or can be obtained from the Clerk.

Contact Details:

Full details of Council activities can be found on the Council web site the Clerk can be contacted by email at shawburypcclerk@talktalk.netor by phone on 01743236810.

Parish Council News: November 2021

The November meeting was held in the Village Hall when the Chairman welcomed Community Support Officer Jamie Robinson who pointed out that there were now only two police officers based in Wem with responsibility for the whole area. As a result it was difficult to attend Council meetings or have a regular police presence in Parishes. He stated that the Police were aware that a major concern in the Parish related to excessive traffic speed but would welcome feed-back on other issues of concern.

It was pointed out by Members that there appeared to be an increase in the use of drugs in the playing field area and that there was great concern about the number of drivers who ignored the red light signals at the A53/ Wem Road junction and the pedestrian crossing by the shops.

He promised to try and arrange action on both issues and also get details of the Safer Road Partnership sent to the Clerk.

In the meeting which followed Members considered the following:

Playing Field Posts:

Inspection of the posts around the field showed that eleven posts were missing and several others were showing signs of decay, leaving gaps sufficiently wide enough to allow vehicular access onto the field. It was decided to take emergency action to replace some posts to prevent access and toconsider a range of options before getting quotations for replacing all the posts.

Pavement Clearance:

The Council is aware that many of the pavements in the Parish need to be cleared of grass and weed growth and have reported the problem to the local Highways Officer. She has advised the Parish Council to undertake the work using the Community Environment Project grant it receives and an immediate start has been made to clear the worst paths.

Car Park – White Lining:

The Council has received a number of requests to re-line the parking bays on the Council car parkand after considering various options it has been decided to carry out a self-help project by repainting the lines using appropriate paint which dries very quickly.

Street Lights:

Completion of the work in Bridgeway and Millbrook appears to be a never ending problem and we can only add our apologies to that of the EON officer who is overseeing the work. Having now got all the staff back to work they find that it is impossible to secure the materials that are needed to complete the connection work and the suppliers are unable to give a date when they may be available. Emailing the Clerk, Garry Johnson, who is responsible for the project, stated that in all the years that he has worked he has never been so disappointed, frustrated, depressed and angry.

Lord Lieutenant’s Garden Party – June 2022 – Invitations.

The Parish has been asked to nominate two people from the Community to receive an invitation, who should be people who have been very involved in giving support during the Coronavirus crisis. If you are aware of anyone you feel should be invited, please let the Chairman or the Clerk have their details without their knowledge.

 A copy of the minutes is available on the Councils web site

as always, if you wish to raise any issues or comment on Council activity you are invited to attend a Council meeting or make contact with one of your Councillors or the Parish Clerk.


At the Council meeting held on October 12th. the Chairman welcomed Mrs. Claire Crackett, a  Deputy Lord Lieutenant, who gave an informed and interesting talk on her role in supporting Mrs. Anna Turner the Lord Lieutenant for Shropshire with her duties. She pointed out that Mrs Turner is keen to develop links with various organisations, to learn more details of activities in the County and to ensure that the role of the Lord Lieutenant is more widely understood. This year as well as her normal duties as the County’s representative of the Queen she will be concentrating on three major issues – arranging and holding a garden party for people in Shropshire who have done exceptional work during the pandemic; supporting the planting of trees as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy and arranging for the creation of a bronze Covid Commemorative Sculpture which will be displayed in Shrewsbury Abbey.

Other business considered included:
The Clerk reported that he had been advised that the Scottish Power sub-contractors had told E.ON that they would complete their work in Bridgeway and Millbrook on the 2nd. and 3rd.  November and E.ON would then be able to complete the project.                                        Members also agreed to accept a quotation from E.ON for the installation of two new lights in Carradine Lane.
Picnic Table:
In each of the past two years RAF Shawbury have given the Council £300 from their charity events as a ‘thank you’ for the support they receive from the community. It was decided to use all of this money to help pay for the excellent new picnic table in the Glebe area.
Playing Field Fence Posts:
It was noted that approximately ten of the wooden posts surrounding the field had rotted away and it was decided to seek a quotation for replacing them, whilst at the same time looking to create a reserve fund for a major replacement project in the future.
Concerns were raised about the state of several pavements round the village which were heavily overgrown on both sides preventing access by prams and mobility scooters. The Clerk was asked to discuss this with the local Highways Officer to see if Kier the contractors were likely to carry out the necessary remedial work or whether the Parish Council should carry out the work as part of the Community Environment Project.
RAF Shawbury:
A report was received from Lt. Matt Peters indicating that:
Night Flying would continue for a further three weeks after which there would be a two week break followed by a further six week period leading up to Christmas. He also stated that requests for help with Community Projects were welcome which would be considered as soon as the base was given permission to resume this type of activity.
Annual Parish Meeting:
The much delayed meeting caused by the Coronavirus regulations was held in the Village Hall on September 14th. when Councillors were joined by a few members of the public.
Opening the meeting John Kennedy, the Council Chairman, welcomed everyone and introduced the visiting speakers before giving a report on Council activity over the past two years, during which time two long serving Members – Mrs. Jill Manley and Mr. Dave Roberts – had left the Council and had eventually been replaced by Mr. Kelvin Pickering and Mr. Merv Roberts.
He pointed out that the pandemic had made a big impact on the Council but every effort had been made to continue to meet and proceed with planned projects. Council meetings were held remotely by Zoom for fourteen months but this was the first opportunity to hold an Annual Parish Meeting. 
He then gave an interesting and informative outline of many of the projects that had been undertaken by the Council as well as continuing to respond to planning applications, report highway problems and deal with the many other issues which constantly arise.
Further reports were made by Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones and Police Inspector Claire Greenaway. Simon outlined the changes that were taking place within Shropshire Council since the appointment of Lezley Picton as the new Leader of the Council and in her report Claire Greenaway confirmed that the Police Commissioner was insistent that rural parishes should be seen as important as urban areas when it came to dealing with crime reports.
Finally Mr. Richard Bailey outlined the work of the United Charities Committee, explaining how the money was raised and how small grants could be made to organisations and individuals in need.
The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Community Service Awards by Wing Commander Sarah Vamplew from RAF Shawbury, who sponsor the award, to four very deserving people - Mrs. J. Manley, Mr. R. Bentley, Mr, D. Roberts and Miss F. Newby.
The minutes of the meeting which include full details of all the reports can be found on the this site or obtained from the Parish Clerk.
Parish Council Meeting:
The normal monthly meeting followed immediately after the Annual Parish Meeting, when the Chairman welcomed Mr. Merv Roberts who had been co-opted to fill the last remaining seat on the Council.
As well as dealing with planning applications, correspondence and invoices, the following items were considered:
Moat/Glebe Areas:
It was agreed to contract Mr. Mike Varndell to undertake the regular emptying of the bins in the Moat/Glebe area and transporting the waste to the Harlescott site; replacement of waste bags; regular litter picking in the area and assisting Cllr. Paul Sharp with other necessary tasks that arise from time to time.
External Auditors Report:
The report for the year 2020- 2021 had been received by the Clerk and raised no concerns about the Council’s finances or its administration and was adopted by Members.
Mid-Year Financial Report 2021-2022:
The Clerk tabled detailed papers which indicated that in spite of the many expensive projects that had been undertaken the Council’s finances were in a healthy state and the report was unanimously adopted by Members.
Details of both these report are listed on this site or can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.
The next Council meeting is on October 12th.