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Shawbury Parish Council

Shropshire, UK

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Parish Clerk:  Jack Wilson
6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury, SY3 7TP
01743 236810
Vacancy for a Gardener
Required from April 1st. 2017, a qualified and competent self- employed gardener 
to carry out regular hand mowing of children’s play areas; pruning of shrubs at various locations and hedge cutting duties.
Must hold a pesticide users licence.
References required.
Anyone interested is invited to contact the Parish Clerk for full details of what is involved.
Parish Clerk:  Jack Wilson
6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury, SY3 7TP
01743 236810




As has become the norm, this month’s Council meeting was accessed by Members online using Zoom and a full range of issues were considered, including the acknowledgement that this was the last meeting of the current Council before nominations had to be made for the Parish Council elections taking place on May 6th.  Current Members have to stand for election alongside any other residents who feel that they would like to serve the community. With very few exceptions anyone in the Parish over eighteen years of age can stand for election, so if you have plenty of energy and enthusiasm this is your chance. If you are interested, look out for information in the press or give the Parish Clerk a call and he will advise you what you need to do. Failing that you can apply to the Elections Officer for an application form – 0345 678 9015.

During the meeting the following topics were considered:


Disappointment was expressed that planned projects had been delayed either because of the lockdown regulations or the inclement weather but it was hoped that by the time of the April meeting the up-grade of the children’s play areas, the replacement streetlights in Millbrook and Bridgeway and repairs to the footpath on the playing field from the car park to opposite the school entrance would all be completed.


It was noted that repair work had been carried out on the A53 in the Edgebolton area but that there were still outstanding problems and concern was raised that little effort had been made to clean the road after the repair work, with debris left which could cause danger to cyclists and motoryclists.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Shropshire Councillor S. Jones stated that repair work on the B5063 had been delayed because of Issues with Kier Contractors and following an inspection additional repairs had been included in the project. It was planned for action to be undertaken within the next few days.  

The Chairman congratulated Shropshire Council on its effort to keep the road behind RAPRAclear of litter and it was noted that they were planning to clear litter from the sides of the A53 between Shrewsbury and Shawbury.                                                                                                                                   

Post Office:

Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones reported that although the Post Office was closing on March 10th. it was unlikely that the Out Reach Office would be opening until the end of April because there had been a delay in connecting a telephone for the office which was essential, as well as unforeseen staffing issues. Because of a reduction in a Government grant the new office would only be open on one day each week.

RAF Shawbury:

Lt. M. Peters who regularly attends Council meetings reported that Night Flying would be resuming on March 15th. and will last for six weeks and that the Aries magazine published by the base could again be accessed on the web site. He had been asked to pass on thanks to the community for their continued support of planned activities.


Since the last meeting over forty items of relevant correspondence had been received by the Clerk and forwarded to Members for consideration. These messages included complaints, praise, requests for information, up-dates on the virus and legal reports and when necessary had been responded to in appropriate ways by the Clerk acting on advice from Council Members.   

Next Meeting:

The next Council meeting is planned for April 13th. and as always details will be published on local notice boards and here on the  web site.

PARISH COUNCIL NEWS 12th January 2021

The Council continues to hold online meeting using Zoom and the latest on was held on January 12th. when as usual a range of topics were discussed.


The Clerk reported that because of the Christmas and New Year break and the new coronavirus restrictions, planned developments had not taken place including the installation of the new lights in Bridgeway and Millbrook, the replacement of road name plates and urgent repair work. All these projects would be kept under review and it is anticipated that there will be action very soon.


All Members expressed concern and disappointment on receiving reports of increased amounts of litter in the Moat and Glebe areas and dog fouling both there and on the playing field. There appears to be a minority of people who are prepared to flout the laws and spoil it for those who are responsible and care about these areas. Mr. Creber works hard to remove the litter from the field but the increased amount of dog faeces is a danger especially to children, many of whom use the field for regular exercise. We would like to remind dog owners that dogs should be kept on leads on the playing field and by law you should pick up any waste and dispose of it in one of the bins which are provided. Under new regulations pick-up bags containing dog waste may be left in normal waste bins.

Footpath Clearance:

We have received a number of complimentary comments about one of the Wem Road footpaths which has been cleared by Mr. John Tait, who has been contracted by the Council to carry out community environmental work. Having waited for a long time for Shropshire Council to do the work it was decided to use part of a grant they have given to the Councilfor environmental highways maintenance and Members are pleased with the result. It is hoped that it may be possible to extend the work to other paths in the Parish but please let us know if there are issues you would like to see addressed.


We have been advised that elections for both Shropshire and the Parish Councils are planned to be held on Thursday, May 6th.  If you feel that you have the interest and enthusiasm to deal with community issues then look out for further details that will be published over the next few weeks. You can also contact one of the current Councillors or the Parish Clerk to discuss what is involved and how to put your name forward for consideration.

Web Site:

As always a draft copy of the minutes from the last meeting together with a host of other information can be found on the Council’s web site - if you have an urgent concern about issues in the Parish then contact the Clerk on shawburypcclerk@talktalk.netor 01743 236810.

The next meeting of the Council is planned for Tuesday, February 9th.





At the December meeting Members considered the following items:


Next year’s proposed budget was given careful consideration and unanimously approved after agreeing to make a small increase in the precept to cover expected inflation increases and planned projects. Full details of the budget can be found on the Council’s web site ( or obtained from the Clerk.

Retirement of Mr. Richard Bailey:

Members were made aware that Richard has decided to stop doing most of the tasks that he has carried out for the Council for many years, although he will continue to look after the Floral Gateways and assist with footpath maintenance.  Over the years Richard has been a tremendous asset the Council and the wider Community having been involved in many Parish projects and willing to respond and deal with problems that arise.

We are aware that it will be difficult to replace him with someone who has the qualifications, knowledge and the enthusiasm but if anyone feels they can take on the task please get in touch - we would love to talk to you.

Post Office Closure:

Conversations with local retailers have indicated that it is highly unlikely that there would be anyone interested in running a full Post Office service in the Village, however, discussions are underway to enable an Outreach Post Office Service to operate in the Village Hall on two sessions each week. This is working well in other Parishes and it is hoped that negotiations can be completed in time for it to start when the current service ends in early March.

New Year:

Everyone involved with the Council would like to wish all residents a happy and peaceful 2021 with the sincere hope that an antidote to the virus can be used to allow us all to resume a more normal lifestyle.

Parish Council News – November.

Council Meeting:

Covid restrictions continue to prevent the Council holding meetings in the Village Hall as was the normal practice.  Members are frustrated and disappointed by this and realise that it makes it difficult for local residents to meet with them and raise issues of concern or comment on Council activity. However, you are reminded that you can speak to your local Councillors; contact the Parish Clerk who is happy to give you advice or where necessary bring it to the attention of all the Members; gain computer access to the meetings by asking the Clerk for the necessary code. Modern technology is a wonderful asset – sometimes!

The latest well attended meeting was held on November 10th. In the meeting Members considered and discussed a full range of issues including:

Street Lights:

A contract has been agreed with E.ON to upgrade the Council owned lights in parts of Bridgeway and Millbrook and it was planned to carry out the work before the early December but the current ‘lock down’ may delay the work

Highways Issues:

There were no reports of any action having been taken to deal with the issues raised at the last meeting and Members have become so angry about the lack of action that it was agreed that the Clerk should compile a list of all the issues that have been forwarded to Shropshire Council over the past four to five years, which had still not been actioned.  When approved by the Chairman, the details would be sent to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Shropshire Council. A list of seventeen items has been identified.

Play Areas:

The RoSPA Inspection Report indicated a number of safety issues at both Play Areas and quotations were agreed for the work to be carried out. The major work will be done as quickly as possible but because of the weather conditions some aspects will be deferred until the spring. Failure to carry out these repairs and up-dates would mean that the play areas would need to be closed.

An application for grant aid from Shawbury Community Sports & Recreation Project.

The application was considered in detail and note taken of the different responses received regarding the use of CIL (Neighbourhood) Funds. It was unanimously agreed that a sum of £27,000.00 should be made available to cover the cost of providing the youth pitches and held in trust by the Council. This money, together with the £10,000 already promised, would be transferred to the Project Committee when a quotation had been accepted for constructing the pitches and the work was underway.

Members noted that local businesses had agreed to install the footpath and carry out drainage work on the site which had to be completed before the pitches could be laid.


The Clerk always forwards to Members relevant items of correspondence he receives to enable prompt responses to be made where necessary. Since the last meeting there had been many items and particular note was made of the following: Acts of vandalism in the Moat area. Mr. Richard Bailey stepping down from many of the tasks he has carried out in and around the Village, especially in the Moat and Glebe areas. Complaints about tarmac surfacing being placed on parts of School Lane. A reply from the Safer Road Partnership stating that they would be carrying out speed checks on the A53 when the current ‘lock down’ regulations were eased.

Items of Concern:

 Post Office:

Concerns were raised about the closure of the local Post Office and it was felt that efforts should be undertaken to get it re-located; Members agreed a project to discover if any local retailer was interested in providing facilities to enable this.

 Additional Street Light.

A request had been received from local residents for an additional light in Carradine Lane.

This will be considered at the next Council meeting.


As usual a number of planning applications had been received, considered and responded to

with no objections raised.

RAF Shawbury:

The RAF Shawbury representative attending the meeting, thanked the public for supporting night flying and gave an up-date on activities.

Council Web Site:

As always the full minutes from the meeting and other Council information can be found on the following site – where you will also find details of your local Councillors.


Alternatively you can contact the Clerk at shawburypcclerk@talktalk.netor on 01743236810


News Up-date: October 2020



Because of the revised Covid-19 regulations governing attendance at meetings which will be in force for the next six months it will be impossible to hold this year’s Annual Parish Meeting. Members extend their apologies for this but hopefully the situation will have improved in time to hold next year’s meeting on the planned date in May.

If you have issues you wish to bring to the attention of the Council please let the Parish Clerk have the details and they will be included on the agenda for the  next Council meeting being held on November 10th.



One of the items that was going to be discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting was the use of the Community Infrastructure Funds which have been received by the Council. This money, which is the result of building that has taken place in the Parish, can be used to fund community projects and Members would welcome suggestions for them to consider.

Already proposed are major repairs to both children’s play areas; the replacement of existing concrete street lights, including a change to Led units which is a Government requirement and a grant towards the development of the sports facility being planned by the Football Club on land adjacent to the A53. If you have any proposals please let the Parish Clerk have the details which will then be considered at a future Council meeting.



We are pleased to report that that the External Auditor appointed by the Government has not raised any concerns about the management of the Council’s accounts. Full details are available on request.



We continue to get regular complaints about the speed of traffic on many of the roads in and around the Parish and the Council has spent a lot of money in erecting vehicle activated warning signs at a number of locations.

The Council has now decided to contact the Safer Road Partnership to discuss the possibility of setting up a Community Speed Watch Team in the Parish. This scheme is run by volunteers who monitor vehicle speeds and reports details of those exceeding the speed limit to the police who are able to issue warning letters.

Further details will be issued later but if you would like further information about the scheme or would consider becoming a volunteer please contact the Clerk.



Parish Council meetings will continue to be held online using Zoom and details will be placed on Notice Boards and on the Council web site.


September 2020

Council Meeting:

The September meeting was again held on line using Zoom when a range of issues were discussed. It had been hoped that the October meeting could take place in the Village Hall and plans were discussed about holding the Annual Parish meeting before the Council meeting in December. Unfortunately new Government regulations issues later that same evening meant that neither of these events could take place as planned.

Issues discussed included:

Mid- Year Financial Statement:

The report was prepared and presented by the Clerk indicating that the Council were keeping well within the planned expenditure. The full report can be found on the Council web site or can be obtained by post from the Clerk

The School Road Safety Project:

The Council had been promised by Shropshire Council that this would be in place before the start of the autumn term but as everyone will have noticed nothing has taken place. Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones has promised to raise concerns with senior Shropshire Council staff.

The Traffic Lights:

Delays at the traffic lights have been an on-going problem for over a month with various repairs undertaken which have failed to identify and improve the situation.

Again Councillor Jones has been in touch with those who are responsible for the lights and it appears that a solution has been found and the lights will hopefully be back to normal after replacement of faulty sensors on receipt of replacements.

Parish Improvements:

Three new seats have now been put in place and four others are undergoing maintenance work and re-painting and work is well underway to replace a number of street name signs where they have become severely damaged.

Members have also decided to go ahead with replacing concrete streetlight posts and installing Led lighting units. The next planned area is in Bridgeway but we will keep residents informed of any planned work.

Work is also planned to up-grade the footpath from the car park to the school entrance where it has become difficult for those using a wheelchair or pushing a buggy.

Highways Problems:

Members are acutely aware of the drainage problems at many sites round the Parish; poor quality footpaths and road surfaces and missing signs. Shropshire Council is continually reminded that all these need urgent attention but the current financial situation means they get set to one side.

Use of the Playing Field:

Because of the many constraints and new regulations it has not been possible to agree to the field being used for junior football matches as the necessary control of access is outside the capabilities of the Council and the organisers.




Separate Item:

Vacancy for a Councillor:

Members are seeking to co-opt a Councillor to replace Mrs. Jill Manley who stood down last month and if you are interested in becoming a Member please send your details to the Parish Clerk.

You will need to be over eighteen years of age, a resident of the Parish, have computer access and be able to attend evening meetings on the second Tuesday in each month.

Applications should be received by the Clerk before October 30th. and you will be invited to join the Council meeting on November 10th. when you will be able to talk to current Members about your application.

The Clerk’s contact address is: Jack Wilson, 6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury SY3 7TP.

Council News August 2020

Web Site:
Chairman: Mr. John Kennedy, Ivy Court, Shrewsbury Road, Shawbury Email:
Clerk: Mr. Jack Wilson, 6, Primrose Drive, Shrewsbury, SY 3 7TP 01743 236810
Council News:
The coronavirus and subsequent lockdown has meant that the Council has been unable to hold face to face meetings since the March meeting, however, it has been possible to continue with Council business by holding online meetings using Zoom and by Members and the Clerk keeping in regular contact by emails and telephone calls. It is hoped that it will be possible to hold a normal meeting in the Village Hall in October and the Annual Parish Meeting later in the month. 

The following is some of the business that has taken place during the past six months:

Election of Officers:
At the May meeting Councillor John Kennedy was elected as Chairman with Councillor Brian Lyon taking over as Vice Chairman. Other officers and representatives agreed to stay in post whilst the coronavirus regulations remained in place.

The Council has reviewed the annual internal audit report which indicated that there were no concerns regarding the financial and overall management of the Council during the past year and the necessary documents have now been forwarded to the External Auditors, appointed by the Government and based in London. Their report should be received in late September when it will be published.

Road Safety:
Speeding Traffic is still one of the most common complaint received by the Council and affects many roads throughout the Parish. The Council is in regular contact with the Police and the Safer Road Partnership in an effort to get some enforcement action but they are faced with ever increasing demands on their time. 
The Council has recently purchased and installed additional road side data recorders and hopefully they are having some impact. 

Streetlight up-grade:
Government statements have indicated that in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint all sodium street lighting has to be replaced by LED units, which are cheaper to power and maintain.
The Parish Council is responsible for many of the streetlights in the Parish and has decided to gradually have all the units changed. The latest area to be converted was in Church Close and Park Avenue and hopefully it will be possible to undertake work in other areas later in this financial year.

Community Environment Project:
The Council has received a grant of £1,500.00 from Shropshire Council, which has to be match funded and can be used to carry out a range of Highways tasks in the Parish, which would normally have been done by Shropshire Council staff. The grant enabled the Council to employ its own contractors and Mr. John Tait, a local resident, has been engaged to undertake this work. Because of his qualifications and background experience he will also be undertaking other projects for the Council.

Parish Seats:
An inspection of many of the seats has been undertaken and resulted in three being replaced by new ones and others needing to be re-painted. Mr. Tait is carrying out this work. 

Community Infrastructure Finance:
Members were delighted to hear that the Parish had received a considerable amount of un-expected finance from this fund which can be spent on agreed Parish projects. There is a need to carry out consultation with local residents and this will be a major item for discussion at the Annual Parish Meeting.

The maintenance of the highways, pavements, road signs etc. is the responsibility of Shropshire Council and regular concerns are highlighted by the Parish and sent to the Highways Department for action. You are probably aware of the dire state

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