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Shawbury Parish Council

Shropshire, UK

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Parish Clerk:  Jack Wilson
6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury, SY3 7TP
01743 236810
Vacancy for a Gardener
Required from April 1st. 2017, a qualified and competent self- employed gardener 
to carry out regular hand mowing of children’s play areas; pruning of shrubs at various locations and hedge cutting duties.
Must hold a pesticide users licence.
References required.
Anyone interested is invited to contact the Parish Clerk for full details of what is involved.
Parish Clerk:  Jack Wilson
6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury, SY3 7TP
01743 236810



News Up-date: October 2020



Because of the revised Covid-19 regulations governing attendance at meetings which will be in force for the next six months it will be impossible to hold this year’s Annual Parish Meeting. Members extend their apologies for this but hopefully the situation will have improved in time to hold next year’s meeting on the planned date in May.

If you have issues you wish to bring to the attention of the Council please let the Parish Clerk have the details and they will be included on the agenda for the  next Council meeting being held on November 10th.



One of the items that was going to be discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting was the use of the Community Infrastructure Funds which have been received by the Council. This money, which is the result of building that has taken place in the Parish, can be used to fund community projects and Members would welcome suggestions for them to consider.

Already proposed are major repairs to both children’s play areas; the replacement of existing concrete street lights, including a change to Led units which is a Government requirement and a grant towards the development of the sports facility being planned by the Football Club on land adjacent to the A53. If you have any proposals please let the Parish Clerk have the details which will then be considered at a future Council meeting.



We are pleased to report that that the External Auditor appointed by the Government has not raised any concerns about the management of the Council’s accounts. Full details are available on request.



We continue to get regular complaints about the speed of traffic on many of the roads in and around the Parish and the Council has spent a lot of money in erecting vehicle activated warning signs at a number of locations.

The Council has now decided to contact the Safer Road Partnership to discuss the possibility of setting up a Community Speed Watch Team in the Parish. This scheme is run by volunteers who monitor vehicle speeds and reports details of those exceeding the speed limit to the police who are able to issue warning letters.

Further details will be issued later but if you would like further information about the scheme or would consider becoming a volunteer please contact the Clerk.



Parish Council meetings will continue to be held online using Zoom and details will be placed on Notice Boards and on the Council web site.


September 2020

Council Meeting:

The September meeting was again held on line using Zoom when a range of issues were discussed. It had been hoped that the October meeting could take place in the Village Hall and plans were discussed about holding the Annual Parish meeting before the Council meeting in December. Unfortunately new Government regulations issues later that same evening meant that neither of these events could take place as planned.

Issues discussed included:

Mid- Year Financial Statement:

The report was prepared and presented by the Clerk indicating that the Council were keeping well within the planned expenditure. The full report can be found on the Council web site or can be obtained by post from the Clerk

The School Road Safety Project:

The Council had been promised by Shropshire Council that this would be in place before the start of the autumn term but as everyone will have noticed nothing has taken place. Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones has promised to raise concerns with senior Shropshire Council staff.

The Traffic Lights:

Delays at the traffic lights have been an on-going problem for over a month with various repairs undertaken which have failed to identify and improve the situation.

Again Councillor Jones has been in touch with those who are responsible for the lights and it appears that a solution has been found and the lights will hopefully be back to normal after replacement of faulty sensors on receipt of replacements.

Parish Improvements:

Three new seats have now been put in place and four others are undergoing maintenance work and re-painting and work is well underway to replace a number of street name signs where they have become severely damaged.

Members have also decided to go ahead with replacing concrete streetlight posts and installing Led lighting units. The next planned area is in Bridgeway but we will keep residents informed of any planned work.

Work is also planned to up-grade the footpath from the car park to the school entrance where it has become difficult for those using a wheelchair or pushing a buggy.

Highways Problems:

Members are acutely aware of the drainage problems at many sites round the Parish; poor quality footpaths and road surfaces and missing signs. Shropshire Council is continually reminded that all these need urgent attention but the current financial situation means they get set to one side.

Use of the Playing Field:

Because of the many constraints and new regulations it has not been possible to agree to the field being used for junior football matches as the necessary control of access is outside the capabilities of the Council and the organisers.




Separate Item:

Vacancy for a Councillor:

Members are seeking to co-opt a Councillor to replace Mrs. Jill Manley who stood down last month and if you are interested in becoming a Member please send your details to the Parish Clerk.

You will need to be over eighteen years of age, a resident of the Parish, have computer access and be able to attend evening meetings on the second Tuesday in each month.

Applications should be received by the Clerk before October 30th. and you will be invited to join the Council meeting on November 10th. when you will be able to talk to current Members about your application.

The Clerk’s contact address is: Jack Wilson, 6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury SY3 7TP.

Council News August 2020

Web Site:
Chairman: Mr. John Kennedy, Ivy Court, Shrewsbury Road, Shawbury Email:
Clerk: Mr. Jack Wilson, 6, Primrose Drive, Shrewsbury, SY 3 7TP 01743 236810
Council News:
The coronavirus and subsequent lockdown has meant that the Council has been unable to hold face to face meetings since the March meeting, however, it has been possible to continue with Council business by holding online meetings using Zoom and by Members and the Clerk keeping in regular contact by emails and telephone calls. It is hoped that it will be possible to hold a normal meeting in the Village Hall in October and the Annual Parish Meeting later in the month. 

The following is some of the business that has taken place during the past six months:

Election of Officers:
At the May meeting Councillor John Kennedy was elected as Chairman with Councillor Brian Lyon taking over as Vice Chairman. Other officers and representatives agreed to stay in post whilst the coronavirus regulations remained in place.

The Council has reviewed the annual internal audit report which indicated that there were no concerns regarding the financial and overall management of the Council during the past year and the necessary documents have now been forwarded to the External Auditors, appointed by the Government and based in London. Their report should be received in late September when it will be published.

Road Safety:
Speeding Traffic is still one of the most common complaint received by the Council and affects many roads throughout the Parish. The Council is in regular contact with the Police and the Safer Road Partnership in an effort to get some enforcement action but they are faced with ever increasing demands on their time. 
The Council has recently purchased and installed additional road side data recorders and hopefully they are having some impact. 

Streetlight up-grade:
Government statements have indicated that in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint all sodium street lighting has to be replaced by LED units, which are cheaper to power and maintain.
The Parish Council is responsible for many of the streetlights in the Parish and has decided to gradually have all the units changed. The latest area to be converted was in Church Close and Park Avenue and hopefully it will be possible to undertake work in other areas later in this financial year.

Community Environment Project:
The Council has received a grant of £1,500.00 from Shropshire Council, which has to be match funded and can be used to carry out a range of Highways tasks in the Parish, which would normally have been done by Shropshire Council staff. The grant enabled the Council to employ its own contractors and Mr. John Tait, a local resident, has been engaged to undertake this work. Because of his qualifications and background experience he will also be undertaking other projects for the Council.

Parish Seats:
An inspection of many of the seats has been undertaken and resulted in three being replaced by new ones and others needing to be re-painted. Mr. Tait is carrying out this work. 

Community Infrastructure Finance:
Members were delighted to hear that the Parish had received a considerable amount of un-expected finance from this fund which can be spent on agreed Parish projects. There is a need to carry out consultation with local residents and this will be a major item for discussion at the Annual Parish Meeting.

The maintenance of the highways, pavements, road signs etc. is the responsibility of Shropshire Council and regular concerns are highlighted by the Parish and sent to the Highways Department for action. You are probably aware of the dire state of Shropshire Council’s finance, which has been worsened by the need to use staff time and additional money to deal with the virus crisis. As a result many of the reported problems have not been dealt with but the Parish Council will continue to report problems and press for the existing ones to be actioned.

School Road Safety:
A road plan to improve the safety of children attending the local school has been approved by Shropshire Council and the Parish has been informed that the new parking measures will be in place before the school re-opens in September. Officers will be in attendance to take action against drivers who fail to observe the new regulations.

Litter and Dog Fouling:
Regular reports are received about this problem throughout the Parish and particularly in the Moat and Glebe areas. Residents are urged to observe the rules which are increasingly important during the current crisis. Please ensure that you clean up and remove your waste and put it in one of the bins or take it home.

Following the August meeting of the Council, Mrs. Jill Manley tendered her resignation from the Council. Jill has been an active Member for many years and has served as Vice Chairman and Chairman and been involved in a range of successful Council projects and her presence and support will be greatly missed.
Her resignation means there is a vacant seat on the Council and if you are interested in becoming the new Councillor please get in touch with the Clerk who will advise you of the procedure and the commitment involved.

Agendas, Minutes and other information can be found on the Council’s web site and if you have any queries, concerns or comments please get in touch with the Clerk by whichever method is most convenient for you.


RAF Shawbury Gliding Club
Group Captain Chris Mullen, Station Commander RAF Shawbury gave a presentation on the latest activity and the relocation of the Wrekin Gliding Club from RAF Cosford to Shawbury in September 2020.  
RAF Shawbury values the relationship with the community and the Parish Council; they are very pleased to be able to attend meetings to discuss local issues as it is acknowledged that the Parish Council is the voice of the community.  Group Captain Mullen will be coming to the end of his time as Station Commander in December 20, but he is grateful for the fantastic welcome and support that he and the Station continues to receive from the Shawbury community. His successor will be Group Captain Phil Wadlow, who is very much looking forward to taking up his new role.
RAF Shawbury had to pause training for a few weeks whilst they introduced initiatives to meet Government and Public Health for England (PHE) guidelines. The base has now returned to normal levels of training and flying activity is now almost back to pre-COVID-19 levels. RAF Shawbury continues to provide trained aircrew and Air Operations personnel for the front-line, to support operations and meet their Defence tasks.  
With regards to the decision to relocate the Wrekin Gliding Club, the Club is classed as a Service Sports’ Club, meaning that it is formally supported by the military and it provides a service in direct support of the military.  It is regulated by the British Gliding Association which covers such things as medical fitness, age of pilots, qualifications and the currency that pilots must abide by. There is a rigorous process by which the Club proves to the Station, RAF and national regulatory bodies that they meet all the relevant regulations. In terms of COVID-19 specific rules, the Club will abide by all relevant British Gliding Association regulation and PHE advice.
The primary purpose of the Club is not leisure, but to provide an opportunity for service, civil service, MoD partner Contractors, partners and dependent children to experience aviation and to hopefully encourage some into the military, or to better understand military roles; the Club’s purpose is similar to that of the Volunteer Gliding Squadrons which have a proven and enduring positive effect on recruitment for the Services.  At RAF Shawbury, that opportunity will be primarily open to the 300+ tri-Service trainees, which is the average day to day strength, who pass through either No 1 Flying Training School or the Defence College of Air and Space Operations as well as permanent staff who will benefit from increase aviation awareness.   
The decision to relocate the Gliding Club, had not been taken without thorough consideration of all aspects both at the RAF Shawbury base and in relation to the surrounding residential and business areas. The Wrekin Gliding Club had been operating at RAF Cosford for 53 years, but for a variety of reasons (including expanded operations by the Air Experience Flight and University Air Squadron), they have not been able to glide from Cosford when they have needed to in order to attract those people for whom the Club is established.  If change had not been undertaken, the Club would have closed and with it a hugely valuable and proven resource would have been lost.  
RAF Shawbury was approached in early 2019 to ask if they would be willing to host the Club and an Organisational Safety Assessment was conducted, which rigorously examined all options available in terms of potential locations from which the Club could operate.  Ternhill for example was initially considered, but research into regulations and available space showed that there was not room for both the Air Cadet Volunteer Gliding Squadron and the Wrekin Gliding Club to operate simultaneously whilst ensuring safety, which always had to be the primary consideration. 
Although RAF Shawbury have now committed to the Club moving to Shawbury in September 2020 (that firm decision was only made recently at the end of May), the process for providing the Station Commander with the necessary assurances is ongoing. In June, the Station Commander wrote to all the Chairmen of the local parishes to ask that the community be informed and provide the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns through the Parish Councils. 
The Station Commander, as the Head of Establishment, is legally accountable and is ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety of all activity at RAF Shawbury, including approving gliding operations. When gliding does commence, it will be limited to the weekends only. Gliders will be launched by aero-tow launch only; there will be no winch-launched gliding activity.  The Club’s fleet comprises 5 gliders and it operates a single tug aircraft, which is itself a motor glider powered by an extremely quiet 1500cc turbo charged and silenced engine; at 70dBA it is quieter than a washing machine and about 25 times quieter than a normal powered aircraft.  At this stage, it was not possible to confirm how many launches there would be per hour. It was acknowledged that increased noise at weekends was an understandable concern to the community and the following points were made to reassure the community that a lot of planning and thought had gone into minimising any disturbance and ensuring the safety of the activity:
Wherever possible, flying will be to and from the main (southerly/northerly) which is approx. 1 mile long. runway.  However, safety is paramount and there will be times when the other runway 15/23 may need to be used.
All flying will be in good meteorological conditions and the on-site Shawbury Met Office would be available to provide up to date information.
All aircraft will endeavour to avoid Stanton and Shawbury village by the maximum possible margins in both height and lateral distance.
Stanton and Shawbury villages will be detailed in the relevant Orders, meaning that everything possible will be done to avoid direct overflight, both on take-off and landing by tug, glider or combination of both.
No noise complaints have been reported at Cosford as a result of their activity in the last 5 years.
RAF Shawbury is also engaging with Shropshire Council to ensure that they understand that gliding activity will commence in September.  Similarly, RAF Shawbury is in close liaison with the Shropshire Aero Club at Sleap to ensure that safety is maximised, and formal processes are initiated to deconflict Sleap and RAF Shawbury weekend activity. 
Regarding membership, the Club is primarily formed from serving military personnel and civil servants, supported by a small number of civilian members to provide specific technical expertise.  To maintain its status as an RAF Sports Club, the Club must be able to demonstrate that all members provide a service to the club and most of their membership must be from the entitled group.  There may be future opportunities for non-members in the local community to experience gliding, but the Club will need to settle into their new location and processes before considering any expansion. The potential for the Shawbury Air Scouts to participate in air experience opportunities in the future, once the Club had bedded in, would be explored. 
The decision to relocate from Cosford has not been taken lightly but is for the benefit of Defence and is being marked by a name change from the Wrekin Gliding Club to the RAF Shawbury Gliding club to emphasise that this is both an RAF (military) club and belongs to RAF Shawbury.  
At the end of the presentation there were some additional questions. These included:
Would the Shawbury Air Scouts be able to access air experience flying in the future? This would be investigated and reported back to the Parish Council. 
Whether gliding opportunities would be available to veterans. This would be investigated and reported back to the Parish Council. 
The Gliding Club activities would be included in the 6-monthly meetings of the Helicopter Noise Liaison Group, which is chaired by Councillor Simon Jones, Shropshire Council and this meeting would provide a forum to discuss any future concerns.  
The Station Commander thanked the Parish Council for the opportunity to speak to them  
If there are any other questions or concerns about the future use of RAF Shawbury please direct them through the Parish Council to RAF Shawbury, who will answer any additional questions to the best of their ability.


MARCH 2020

The following issues were discussed at the meeting held on March 10th. 2020


The burial grounds outside the walls of the main Church Yard are owned and maintained by the Parish Council and as such are not subject to the new rules which have recently been introduced by the Diocese for graves in the main Church Yard.  Council Members understand that this may have caused confusion for some people and offer their apologies.

The Council does have its own regulations regarding use of the burial grounds and a copy of these can be obtained from the Parish Clerk or found on the Council’s web site.


Some complaints have been received about the condition of the pathway which runs from the Council car park to opposite the entrance to the school. We have had the path inspected and there are certain areas which need a top dressing and this needs to be carried out later in the spring.

However the path was constructed and paid for by Shropshire Council to create a ‘park and stride’ project for the school children after the two schools were combined and a request has been made for them to undertake any necessary work.


An increasing number of complaints have been received about dog fouling throughout the Parish and the behaviour of some dogs on the playing field. It is an offence to allow a dog, which you are responsible for, to foul and not clear it up immediately, when in a public space. Owners can be fined between £50 and £80 on the spot by an authorised officer if they fail to clear up and the Council is asking the area dog control officer to spend time in the Parish in an attempt to address the problem.

Owners are also reminded that dogs should be kept on a lead on the playing field and kept well away from the play area and the football pitch.


In last month’s Council minutes it was inadvertently stated that a planning enforcement order had been placed on The Warren at Edgebolton, when it should have stated on ‘land adjacent to The Warren’. Apologies are offered for any embarrassment caused.

Council News – December 2019:

Council Budget 2020 – 2021
Members considered and approved the budget for expenditure during the next financial year and set the precept at 5% higher than the current one. This is to take account of inflation and the undertaking of additional work and responsibilities. The precept is the amount of money the Parish Council asks Shropshire Council to provide and that figure is then divided amongst all those in the Parish who pay Council Tax. Because of the number of additional properties in the Parish this year the increase in the Parish Council element of your Council Tax will be minimal.
A full copy of the budget can be found on the Council web site or a paper copy can be obtained from the Clerk at a cost of £5.00.
Sewerage Problem:
Many of you will be aware that there was a breakdown in the sewerage system in the region of The Paddocks and Hazeldine Crescent which allowed effluent to leak out into the surrounding countryside and the stream. Councillors were made aware of this at the start of the meeting and the Parish Council have contacted Severn Trent and the Environment Agency to determine the cause of the leak; also asking what effect this already has and will have on the local wild life and what actions are being taken to prevent a re-occurrence of the problem in the future.

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